Farabi Music School founded in 1978. The head quarter located at Jl Darmawangsa XI/5 Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta 12160 – Indonesia. Farabi Music School led by Indonesian prominent musician Dwiki Dharmawan, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in classical and contemporary music performance.

In 2009 Farabi Music Schools has 9 branches, (7 around JaBoDeTaBek) and 2 outside Java Island:

1. Farabi Bintaro Jaya Branch

2. Farabi Hang Lekir Branch

3. Farabi Bogor Branch

4. Farabi ITC Cempaka Mas Branch

5. Farabi Cibubur Branch

6. Farabi Medan Branch, North Sumatra

7. Farabi Denpasar Branch, Bali

8. Farabi Depok Branch, West Java

9. Farabi Surabaya Branch, East Java

Farabi Music School’s challenging music course a unique program combining contemporary music performance with rigorous training in traditional music disciplines. The six-level curriculum emphasizes the development of stylistic depth, creative maturity and professional competence as part of a comprehensive music course education-preparing students to enter the contemporary music industry.

Students are eligible to receive the Certificate of Music in Contemporary for: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano or Voice. Beside Contemporary Music, Farabi Music School also offers Certficate Program in Classical Music for: Strings Instruments, Woodwind Instruments, Brass Instruments and Vocal.

Additional options for study include:
Private Lesson
Weekly private lesson with an instructor applying principles learned in instrument study to the major instrument and preparation for juries and final projects.

Monthly live performance workshops providing development of ensemble techniques in required repertoire.

An in-depth study of a variety of contemporary and commercial performance-related subjects including prototypical characteristics of influential styles, repertoire, improvisation and interpretation. Monthly critiqued performances of selected repertoire.

Workshops & Clinic
Monthly Music Workshops or Clinic from various local and international guest/visiting artists.


A comprehensive study of traditional and contemporary music theory from basic concepts including scales and intervals, triads, major mode progressions with voice leading, minor modes and modal scales through extended chromatics, pandiatonicism, polychords and polytonality.

Ear Training:
A comprehensive study of ear training from simple and compound intervals, sight singing and dictation in simple and compound duple and triple meters through chromatics, altered harmonies, and polyrhythm.

World Music
A study of Indonesian traditional music and cultures around the world.

Basic Arranging
A thorough study of basic arranging techniques including rhythm section, solo and group voices, horns, and strings including score preparation, parts preparation, notation, and nomenclature in selected contemporary styles

Introduction to Music Industry
An overview of the contemporary music industry with special concentration on how record companies work, how A&R reps find and sign new talent, copyrighting songs, music publishing and the roles of personal managers, booking agents, business managers and music business attorneys.
Styles; Provides students with an analytical overview of styles as they relate to repertoire requirements. Styles covered include Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Latin.



Digital Music is the package program 1, 2, and 3 month course covering everything a contemporary musician needs to know, If you want to focus on specific units then Choose to complete in 6 months.


Introduction to Musical Structure and Form
Computers and Music
Tune Writing, Scales & Tonality
Harmony and Chord Progressions
Audio Sequencing and Sequencer Programming

Farabi – Dwiki Dharmawan Music School

Head Quarter;
Jl Darmawangsa XI/5 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 12160
Tel: +6221 7224407/7226270
Contact: Nurdina Rahmawati
Email: contact@farabimusic.com

Director: dwiki@dwiki.com



Setiap Jum'at jam 15.00 s.d 17.00 diadakan Jamz Session di LPM Farabi Darmawangsa, Kegiatan ini bermaksud untuk membiasakan siswa bemain band sehingga pada saat ujian mereka telah terbiasa dan tidak grogi, kegiatan ini didukung oleh seluruh guru di LPM Farabi. Mereka secara bergantian memberikan arahan tentang cara bermain band yang baik dan tentu saja asyik. Jadi selain belajar didalam kelas, LPM Farabi juga memberikan kegiatan ekstrakurikuler seperti Jamz Session, Teori Reading dan Ear Trainning dan tentu saja workshop yang diisi oleh berbagai narasumber.